William M. Green

Technical Advisor

William M. Green, MD, has been on the faculty of the University of California, Davis Medical School since 1976; he retired as Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine in July 2011. He has been board certified in both Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Green’s work in the field of sexual assault has included participation in the creation of sexual assault forensic examination protocols for both California and the United States. In 1989, Dr. Green was one of the founders of the Sexual Assault Forensic Evaluation (SAFE) Team at the University of California, Davis Medical Center and served as the team’s Medical Director from 1989 until 2010. His publications include, Rape: The Evidential Examination and Management of the Adult Female Victim, published by Lexington Books(1988). In the mid 1990’s, Dr. Green worked with the core advisory group that helped draft the legislation that ultimately created the California Clinical Forensic Medical Training Center (CCFMTC) where he served as Medical Director until 2021. Dr. Green was one of the founding faculty members of the Graduate Group in Forensic Sciences that created the Forensic Science Master’s Program at UC Davis. In 2007, Dr. Green founded and co-chaired the Forensic Medicine Section in the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). His research interests include the epidemiology and forensics of sexual assault and the evaluation and management of strangulation. Most recently, Dr. Green was asked to serve as an advisor to the U.S. Department of Justice and the White House on sexual assault matters.

Dr. Green’s experience with strangulation victims includes over 35 years of work in emergency departments evaluating and managing all types of compressive neck injuries as well as caring for sexual assault victims who were strangled as part of the crime. In 2010 Dr. Green became one of the founding members of the National Medical Advisory Committee for the Training Institute for Strangulation Prevention and is currently co-chair. This national organization addresses policy issues, a develops and delivers training regarding strangulation for both medical and criminal justice professionals throughout the country.