Gina D’Aquilla

Board Member

Gina has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 14 years. Her experience began in the acute care settings of the hospital. In 2011, Gina was asked to join Ventura County’s forensic program as a sexual assault nurse examiner, where she quickly discovered her passion for forensics. The program led her to a full-time forensic career working in Ventura and at a busy Family Justice Center in Los Angeles. Gina has testified in court as an expert in sexual assault as well as strangulation. She has completed over 2500 forensic examinations on abuse victims of all ages and suspects of sexual assault. In 2014, Gina took on the role of Forensic Examiner Program Coordinator, where she oversees the medical coordination of Ventura County’s two nationally accredited Child Advocacy Centers. Being a recognized expert in the field of forensics, Gina understands how evidence obtained in forensic medical examinations can be challenged, and she is committed to helping others understand the importance of research-based practice through training and sharing best forensic practices by providing forensic education to a variety of different disciplines.