2021 Legislation

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AB 145

  • Provides for statutory changes necessary to enact public safety-related provisions of the Budget Act of 2021
  • Makes statutory changes to sexual assault forensic exam reimbursement claims. Authorizes reimbursements from the Cal OES for the costs of conducting medical evidentiary examinations of sexual assault survivors regardless of whether they have decided to report the assault to law enforcement
  • Click here to view the bill

Assembly Bill 18 (Assemblymember Tom Lackey)

  • A bill that amended SB 22 to require law enforcement agencies to submit sexual assault forensic evidence that was received prior to January 1, 2016.
  • It also included language that did not mandate crime labs to test SAKs (prior to January, 1 2016) if the victims did not want wish for the kit to be tested (referring to NIRs).
  • This bill died in committee but was officially SUPPORTED by Cal SAFE.