2021 Legislation

A collective voice for sexual assault forensic examiners across California. Cal SAFE is dedicated to advocating for legislation that has an impact on the important work we do. We encourage you to stay informed and participate in our advocacy efforts because your membership in Cal SAFE helps keep our legislative presence strong.

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SB 243 (Senator Scott Weiner)

SB 382 (Senator Anna Caballero)

  • This bill would require the prosecutor in a criminal human trafficking case to consider whether to seek a restraining order prohibiting the defendant from contacting the victim or a witness
  • Placed in the inactive file by the author and no longer active
  • Click here to view the bill
SB 243 (Senator Scott Weiner)

SB 215 (Senator Connie Leyva)

  • The purpose of this bill is to provide survivors of sexual assault the ability to anonymously track the status of their individual sexual assault evidence kit through the SAFE-T databae
  • Passed and presented to the Governor
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SB 243 (Senator Scott Weiner)

SB 129 Budget Act

  • Budget bill for Public Safety
  • Appropriated $4 million into the Sexual Assault Evidence Submission Grant Program to alleviate the backlog.
  • Appropriated $6,700,000 to the Office of Emergency Services to reimburse local law enforcement agencies to offset the cost of reimbursing qualified health care professionals, hospitals, or other emergency medical facilities for medical evidentiary examinations for all sexual assault victims.
  • APPROVED by the Governor.
  • By special request from Asm. Tom Lackey, Cal SAFE officially participated in a coalition letter to the Governor in SUPPORT of the $4 million grant line item.
SB 243 (Senator Scott Weiner)

SB 53 (Senator Connie Leyva)

  • This bill provides a cause of action against a person that knowingly sends a sexually explicit image that the person knows, or reasonably should know, is unsolicited. The bill provides for both civil and criminal penalties for violations of the bill
  • Placed in the inactive file and no longer active
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SB 243 (Senator Scott Weiner)

AB 1143 (Assemblymember Marc Berman)

  • This bill provides that if a respondent does not have a listed address and cannot be otherwise located and served personally, then the petitioner may move for the court to approve an alternative means of serving process. This righteous measure seeks to protect harassment victims from potentially arbitrary legal barriers to seeking protection from harassers
  • Passed and APPROVED by the Governor
  • Officially SUPPORTED by Cal SAFE
  • Click here to view the bill
SB 243 (Senator Scott Weiner)

AB 925 (Assemblymember Megan Dahle)

  • This bill would authorize the appropriate local law enforcement agency to seek reimbursement from Cal OES, using the specified federal funds.
  • This bill was pulled by the author and is no longer active.